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My Journey In to the world of Photography - Amin

My journey into the world of photography began in 2008 when I worked for an event management firm specializing in organizing weddings.

As the head co-ordinator, my role was to ensure that events ran smoothly. At times, glitches with photographers would lead me to take my own DSLR and take photographs of the event myself.

I found this very enjoyable and rewarding. I also noticed how the photographs improved over time as I experimented with new techniques and ideas. I found myself unemployed after the event management company closed down.

I had a few options at this point which included getting back into retail or wedding planning. However, by this point I had developed a passion for photography and so I decided to pursue a career in photography.

Elegance media focuses primarily on weddings as we love capturing a couples big day where such strong emotions are evoked. Thank you for visiting our website and be sure to say hello if you see me at any weddings or events. :-)



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